Welcome to Evening Encore! I’m LorChristine and this is my site for the chic plus size evening wear (mostly dresses) I’ve stumbled across and wanted to give a shout out to. Any time I see a drool-worthy item, I’ll post it on here. My intent is to show an celebrate the whole range of beautiful plus size bodies and skin tones in the world, but I am limited to what the fashion sites are taking pictures of alas (mostly light skin tones and well toned plus size bodies which leaves so many of us beautiful women out of the spotlight in my opinion).

I am unaffiliated with any merchandise or clothing stores whatsoever, so I just link to where I found the awesome find. Nothing is something I took pictures of, designed, profit on in any way, was asked to promote – nada. Should I have linked to your item/site and you’d like me to take the post down, just let me know and I’ll be happy to do so.